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2016-04-04 01:39


MPAO is accepting bids for procurement of 10 Laptops. 

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1.0 Submission Requirements 

1.1 The complete original proposal must be submitted in a sealed package. All proposals shall be marked Bid document for 10 Laptops. Proposer shall file all documents necessary to support their proposal and include them with their proposal. 

1.2 Proposal Format: Proposal shall be submitted in the following format and include the following information. 

1.2.1 Detailed description of the laptop configuration & accessories. 

1.2.2 Detailed Cost for each item. 

1.3 Proposers will be notified in writing of any change in the specifications contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP). 

1.4 No verbal or written information which is obtained other than through this RFP or its addenda shall be binding on MPAO. No employee of MPAO is authorized to interpret any portion of this RFP in addition to that contained in or amended to this written RFP document. 

1.5 Right of Rejection and Clarification: MPAO reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to request clarification of information from any proposer. MPAO is not obliged to enter into a contract on the basis of any proposal submitted in response to this document. 

1.6 Request for Additional Information: Prior to the final selection, proposer may be required to submit additional information which the MPAO may deem necessary to further evaluate proposer’s qualifications. 

1.7 MPAO will not reimburse proposers for any costs associated with the preparation and submittal of any proposal that are incurred. 

1.8 Right of Negotiation: MPAO reserves the right to negotiate with the selected proposer the exact terms and conditions of the Contract. 

1.9 MPAO is under no obligation to award this project to the proposer offering the lowest fee proposal. Evaluation criteria included in this document shall be used in the evaluating proposals. 

1.10 Exceptions to the RFP: Proposer may find instances where they must take exception with certain requirements or specifications of the RFP. All exceptions shall be clearly identified, and written explanations shall include the scope of the exceptions, the ramifications of the exceptions for the MPAO, and a description of the advantage to be gained or disadvantages to be incurred by the MPAO as a result of these exceptions. 

1.11 Rights to Submitted Material: All proposals, responses, inquiries, or correspondence relating to or in reference to this RFP, and all reports, charts, and other documentation submitted by proposer shall become the property of the MPAO when received. 

1.12 Basis of Award: Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria and weight at minimum: 

1.12.1 Proposer’s experience in similar projects (10%) 

1.12.2 Functionality and features of the proposed solution (35%) 

1.12.3 Price (35%) 

1.12.4 Support (10%) 

1.12.5 Duration for delivery (10%) 

Proposals shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee. 

1.13 Contacts: Proposers must submit proposals in accordance with the instructions contained in this RFP. Questions regarding this request for proposal should be directed to: Technical questions should be addressed to: Name: Mahmood Waheed 

Designation: IT Manager 

Email: [email protected] , [email protected] 

Mobile: 9101188 

1.14 Submission of Bid: Proposals must be submitted to Maldives Pension Administration Office, located at Mookai Suites, 6th Floor, Haveeree Hi’ngun (Opposite to STO Home improvement) at 14:00 hours on 2nd June 2016; at that time all bids shall be opened in the presence of all proposers. 

1.15 Contract: The contract between MPAO and the proposer shall consist of 

1.15.1 The RFP and any amendments thereto. 

1.15.2 The proposal submitted. 

1.16 Termination of Contract: MPAO may cancel the contract at any time for breach of contractual obligations by providing the proposer with a written notice of such cancellation. Should the MPAO exercise its right to cancel the contract for such reasons, the cancellation shall become effective on the date as specified in the notice of cancellation sent to the contractor. 

1.17 Delivery and Installation: All laptops should be delivered and tested within 15 days after the signing of the contract. MPAO has rights to deduct up to 1% per day from the available total cost, up to 25% of the whole project cost. 

1.18 Warranty and maintenance: All laptops and software should have minimum one year warranty period. Any problem identified during the warranty period to the laptops should be resolved within 48 hours. 

1.19 Payment: Payment will be made within 7 working days after completion of MPAO acceptance. 


2.0 Technical Requirements 

2.1 Branded and high performance and reliable 

2.2 Intel i5 processor 

2.3 8GB DDR3 RAM 

2.4 256 GB SSD or higher Hard Disk 

2.5 13’’ Display 

2.6 1GB Internal HD graphics 

2.7 Support 3200x1800 resolutions 

2.8 Touch screen 

2.9 Preinstalled Windows 10 Pro 

2.10 Internal battery should provide minimum 7 hours of continuous use. 

2.11 Weight less than 1.5Kg 

2.12 Built-in webcam 

2.13 Backlit keyboard 

2.14 Built-in Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity 

2.15 Carry case