Old Age Basic Pension (BP)

The basic pension is designed to provide financial security for individuals who had no access to employment-based income prior to retirement age. BP scheme is a lifelong inflation-indexed pension benefit, fully funded by the Government provided to all Maldivian Citizens who have reached the age of 65, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria of the scheme.

Lifetime pension benefit given to senior citizens as provided in Maldives Pension Act

You are eligible if you meet the following conditions

  • Should be a Maldivian citizen
  • Should reside in Maldives.
  • Should be 65 years or older
  • Should NOT be in the full time care of the State or Incarcerated upon conviction
  • Should NOT receive more than twice the amount of basic pension from any other pension scheme.

Claim process

6 months before reaching the age of 65, or any time after that

MVR 2300 - if you are not eligible for any other state funded pension
If you are eligible for any other state funded pension, 50% of that particular pension amount will be deducted from Basic Pension (2300).

  • Submit bank account change form.
  • Form can be downloaded from www.pension.gov.mv
  • Bank account must be a single or joint account opened in the pensioner’s name, in a bank operating in the Maldives

No. Your pension will be deposited to your bank account

Fill and submit ‘Pension Applicants information form’. Can submit to Pension Office or to Island/Atoll council offices