Name Publish Date
Leaflet - Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme 2024-02-22
Pension office logo competition Ranking sheet 2024-01-15
Request for Proposal to Develop Brand Style Guide 2023-11-21
Logo Design Competition Reference Materials 2023-11-20
Log of Complaints Received 2023-08-15
Leaflet - Hajj Scheme 2023-05-31
Call for presenters 2023-04-20
Guideline - Guidelines on valuation of securities 2023-01-12
Fit and Proper Declaration Form 2022-09-12
Leaflet - Housing Scheme 2022-09-01
Employer Portal User Guide 2022-08-24
Process followed in managing communications/documents related to queries complains and service requests 2022-01-26
Contact Information (Dhivehi) 2022-01-26
Contact Information 2022-01-26
Complaint Procedure 2022-01-26
Key roles, general decision making process and mechanisms for supervision and accountability 2022-01-26
Koshaaru Information Sheet 2021-12-01
Pension Office 'Roadha Quiz 1442' Rules 2021-04-18
Pensioners Kit 2020-07-15
MPAO privacy policy for website and mobile application 2017-11-28
2017 Statement of Investment Principles 2017-09-11
Statement of Investment Principles 2017-07-24
Training Manual for Employers on Making Contribution to Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme 2017-03-22
Training Manual for Employers to Registering on Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme 2017-03-22
2016 Statement of Investment Principle 2016-11-26
Life expectancy table 2016-10-31
2013 Statement of Investment Principle 2016-10-31
MPAO Mobile Application User Manual 2016-10-31
How we invest pension assets (Booklet 2016) 2016-06-01
Procedure for taking action against non-compliant employers 2014-04-22
2011 Financial Statements - Pension Office 2011-12-31