About us

2018-01-21 09:58

Pension Office came into existence, under the Maldives Pension Act (Pension Act) which was ratified on 13th May 2009, as an independent legal entity. 

The Pension Act mandates Pension Office to carry out the following functions:

    • Administer Maldives Retirement Pension Scheme (MRPS)
    • Pay state-funded Old Age Basic Pension Scheme (BP)
    • Manage Pension funds
    • Establish standards, rules and guidelines related to the schemes
    • Create public awareness and educate scheme participants

Pension Office plays a pivotal role in the development of the social security system in the country.


Our Vision

To be the most trusted, respected and loved institution in the Maldives 


Excellence in Pension 

Achieving execellence in pension services and financial stability for a secure future.

Trust - Trustworthiness and reputation is essential for us to accomplish our mission

Respect - We will respect first and foremost to earn respect

Love - We will care beyond expectation and serve straight from our heart 



Our Mission

The future income security and income stability of all our people are assured upon their retirement


Manage Maldives Retirement Pensions Scheme

Manage MRPS in the best interests of the members by generating real returns


Deliver exceptional pension services

Make timely payments to beneficiaries of the Old Age Pensions and other pension schemes established under Maldives Pensions Act


Establish outstanding communication and awareness 

Build excellent relationships with members, employers and all stakeholders through understanding of their needs, values and priorities 


Set high standards and benchmarks for pension

Continuously improve the pension system to match international best practices and standards



Our Core Values 


INTEGRITY: Set remarkably high standards of honestt and tranparency and preserve impeccable image nationally and internationally 

COMMUNICATION: Committed to openness and share frequently, simply and clearly 

TEAM SPIRIT: Culture of lively debate, respect for the opinions of others, humility and a commitment to continuous learning and helpfulness.

INNOVATION: Value people who generate, foster and present ideas and find new ways to interpret and understand surroundings and emerging trends

EXCELLENCE: Passion, dynamism and determination to deliver the best results for members and ensure every one operates at full capacity